Serial Number Tracking for Sage 50

Easily track serial numbers

Track items using their unique serial number

If you manufacture or sell product with serial numbers and you currently either record that information on paper or cumbersome Excel spreadsheets then Stock50 will transform how you operate and save you a huge amount of time.
Stock that requires serial tracking is generally high value which increases the need to track its location and history.
Certain products like electrical equipment, smartphones and laptops are dictated by their industries to be tracked by a unique serial number. Even if serial tracking is not dictated you may still opt for serialization for certain purposes. Serial numbers make it easier to track individual products for warranty claims. Manufacturer recalls are also reliant on serial numbers to specify which products carry defects.
Stock50 allows you to utilise the manufacturers serial number barcode, reducing relabelling and improving traceability. If a manufacturers serial number barcode is not available a serial number tracking label on receipt of the product.
Once labelled all further Stock50 processes are completed using a single scan, improving efficiency and allowing you to pick and despatch more products.

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  • The hands free scanning option is fantastic, being able to scan and move boxes without having to put the scanner down has made a massive difference.
  • “After struggling for over a year to find a multi-location barcode system that would work with Sage50 successfully I was extremely pleased and relieved when Stock50 came to the rescue. I dread to think what a state we would be in if we still hadn’t got a barcode system. Our picking accuracy rate has gone from 97.5% to 99.8% accuracy which is fantastic. This is also going from dispatching 736 orders in January to 1144 last month!
  • "Our picking accuracy is near 100% since introducing Stock50. Its such a simple program to use"


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