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Stock 50 is developed by ConnX Business Solutions Ltd, specialist in data collection systems for small to medium sized business.
Our company is built on a can do attitude and determination to ensure that every project we undertake ends with a happy customer.
Our development team are commercially aware and have all spent a number of years in technical sales roles. This ensures that when developing software for our customers the business objective that has driven the software requirement is always solved by our solutions.
We put a huge emphasis on the user experience in all of our projects. Our deep understanding of the users needs allows us to create powerful software solutions with simple user interfaces which make implementation and training quick and easy.
Managing director, Chris Waine, says
"I have spent many years working with software developers who are too focused on the code and not the customers needs. When I started ConnX Business Solutions the goal was always to ensure that our solutions leave our customers happy. Sometime this means we have to go that extra mile to ensure that the user only clicks a single button to achieve a function, rather than scrolling through complex menus of options to complete a process.
We have moved away from the traditional specification and development process and use a more dynamic, agile approach, using software prototyping and modelling to pick up process issues as part of the development process rather than delivering a solution that doesn't work.
This process have proved very successful and generated repeat business within our customer base.
  • The hands free scanning option is fantastic, being able to scan and move boxes without having to put the scanner down has made a massive difference.
  • “After struggling for over a year to find a multi-location barcode system that would work with Sage50 successfully I was extremely pleased and relieved when Stock50 came to the rescue. I dread to think what a state we would be in if we still hadn’t got a barcode system. Our picking accuracy rate has gone from 97.5% to 99.8% accuracy which is fantastic. This is also going from dispatching 736 orders in January to 1144 last month!
  • "Our picking accuracy is near 100% since introducing Stock50. Its such a simple program to use"

Affordable software solutions for any sized business

If you still operate your business using paper based records or Excel spreadsheets then we can help you!
Our approach to delivering solutions will allow you to see the software we will delivery to you before you have to spend any money.
Our modelling and prototyping sales approach makes bespoke software a tangible proposal that offers you 100% certainty that you are investing in something that offers real work solutions and a fast return on investment.

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