BOM Manufacturing for Sage 50

Manufacturing for Sage 50

Have you reached the limit of the Sage BOM?"

If you manufacturer products you are likely to be managing bill of materials as part of your stock management process. Sage 50 has limited BOM and manufacturing capabilities and you can quickly outgrow the standard features available within Sage.
Stock50 manufacturing has been developed to overcome the limitations by introducing intelligent works order management that works hand in hand with barcode stock management.
Stock50 manufacturing allows you to create works orders, calculate finished product build quantities, automatically create raw material pick lists, record serial numbers and batch numbers and manage raw material and finished goods stock.
Inaccuracies in a manufacturing BOM can create serious issue for any manufacturing company. Incorrect ordering, whether that's the wrong parts or the wrong quantities can result in not be able to build enough product or any product at all. This can leave you overstocked with raw materials that need to be returned or new parts ordered not only increasing your inventory cost but likely making you miss customer deadlines. Manufacturing and operations departments that are already running lean, fixing these errors is a hassle that wastes time and money. Depending on the size of the original mistake, the amount of money lost could be large enough to impact the company’s bottom line.
Stock50 manufacturing is a low cost solution that gives you big business software solutions at the fraction of the price.
Stock 50 manufacturing can also be introduced to WIP-IT, our off the shelf work in progress tracking system, giving you full control over your manufacturing process from purchase order to despatch.
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  • The hands free scanning option is fantastic, being able to scan and move boxes without having to put the scanner down has made a massive difference.
  • “After struggling for over a year to find a multi-location barcode system that would work with Sage50 successfully I was extremely pleased and relieved when Stock50 came to the rescue. I dread to think what a state we would be in if we still hadn’t got a barcode system. Our picking accuracy rate has gone from 97.5% to 99.8% accuracy which is fantastic. This is also going from dispatching 736 orders in January to 1144 last month!
  • "Our picking accuracy is near 100% since introducing Stock50. Its such a simple program to use"


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